Sunday, December 6, 2009


these images are a part of my final for the 09 sem.. I have never had a chance to work with color film like this before and i find the results to be amazing.
im my classes i have been choosing photographers and presenting a little spiel about them. one of the most recent photographers i chose was Ian Ruhter. i found it fascinating how he still shoots so much of his work in film when our society is being run by a digital age. He discusses how film is able to take in colors so differently than digital, they have a richer feel to them. so i decided to test my final with this. i went and shot neon store lights and business signs at night and shook the camera while the shutter was open to blur them and "paint " with the lights on the film. the results are far more than i expected and i love them.

i mainly am going to be publishing what i document through my camera. this year i have really become enthusiastic about the photo program i am a part of at my university. these are some of the most recent images i have produced for my color film class. hope you enjoy!

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  1. I have yet to look up Ian Ruhter and his work. But I find your color photos look like oil paintings....very coolllleo
    great work sweetie!