Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wyoming Bowl

This weekend i was able to go out to Wyoming Bowl just off of Big Sky. It was a bluebird day and felt like spring. The snow was soft and Carson, Todd, Myles, Jonny, Shay, Ray and I came across a clearing with a few pillows to drop off of.
I had to brighten up the photos a bit because most of them came out a little dark. I have also been learning how to use large format view cameras in my photo classes and was inspired by the tilt shift aspect of this camera. This aspect enables the image to have very shallow depth of field, and only a sliver of focus. Although I did not shoot with a view camera, I was able to manipulate the image to mirror the tilt shift technique. I also feel that the making them black and white gives the images a more timeless feel. They were too busy in color.
The images I altered in this form are the last two.

*Double Click on Image to Enlarge*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


the result of an uneventful day was this photo shoot at 11pm at the local parking garage. we were going to try to go longboarding but the ground was still wet so we brought out my flash and played around in this dimly lit parking structure. this shoot really helped me figure out lighting situations and how to work my flash. i also had alot of fun working them on the computer. sometimes you just end up with a card full of photos that you are absolutely in love with, this was one of those shoots. I was assisted by the talented Jonny Durst, whose photographic skillz are proven to be just as amazing as his vidoeing talents. The lower two photos were shot by the one and only J. Durst.
The lower photo is the result of our creative genius.

Friday, February 12, 2010

On my adventures out to VT, i brought my Holga along with me. i mostly just shot on the bus rides and in the airports to keep me from going crazy with boredom. when i got back this week i took the 2 rolls i shot and got them cross developed. ( this is when you develop a roll of film with a different type of developer than what is usually used for that specific type of film). it resulted in the colors having more of a blueish greenish tint to them. but i think they turned out pretty good and starting to really love shooting with the Holga.

VT for Gatorade Free Flow Finals

As a result of this trip iv decided iv spent way too much time in airports recently.. but it was totally worth it. this past weekend i traveled out to VT to compete in the Gatorade Free Flow finals at Mt. Snow. After waking up at 4am. to catch a flight to Denver i wasn't sure what to expect from this weekend, but after i met up with some other friends coming out for the finals as well i was a little more ready. We finally made it to Albany around 2am and jumped on a bus for 2 hrs and drove to the Austrian Haus where we were staying.

The next day started off with a bang when my good friend Jason Arens and i woke up late and had to scurry to get to registration. Once i was all signed up we went to get our pictures taken and i met up with one of the chillest girls ever, Erika Vikander.

We swiftly got along real well and stepped in front of the camera and got some fun shots. the rest of the day resulted in meeting the other slope girls, Nirvana Ortanez, Jessica Jenson, and Elle Kayloe and rallying through Mt. Snows pretty fun park. Surprisingly it wasn't as icy as i had expected it to be AND it was a blue bird day! After getting our day packed full of trains, scopein out the rather large Dew Tour course (which we were competing on), and dodging people through every park lap, we headed back to hot tub and chill the rest of the afternoon till the epic pizza party Gatorade was throwin for us. All in all it was a pretty sick first day ever ridin on the East Coast.

The next day was comp day. It was another super sunny nice day except for the wind was blowing so hard it was decided half the course would be cut out of the competition. So that left us with a down rail and two 50 or 60 ft jumps which were very hard to clear due to the high winds. After a few hits off the first jump and clearing them pretty well i decided to do a super mellow 3 and ended up knuckling when a huge gust of wind caught me right when i was in the air. I ended up with a concussion and a broken helmet which resulted in me not being to compete in finals along with Jessica who also knuckled one of the jumps pretty bad. We sat at the bottom and watched the other girls step up to the jumps. Unfortunately the wind was such an issue they couldn't throw the kind of run they wanted to. 1st place run was 2 straight airs with no grabs...

Although the comp was nothing i expected i still had an amazing trip and hopefully the slope crew will get to meet up again this winter for some more epic park days. those girls are some of the best kids to ride with!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

first roll of 120 film!

i finally got my roll of film from Utah developed this week! it was also the first roll of 120 medium format film iv ever shot too. alot of the images were over exposed but these are the ones that turned out the best. i shot with my new Holga camera. it was a new and really strange experience. first of all, this camera feels like a toy and most of the time it didnt even feel like the camera was working! Holga cameras are made to be crappy cameras. they are made to have imperfections and surprise you with the results. i love this about the Holga and i cant wait till the next roll of film

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